About Us

Team Humanity was founded as a volunteer organization in September 2015 due to the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. We are dedicated to providing ongoing humanitarian aid, and our operations have continued to evolve as the refugee situation changes.

The majority of Team Humanity is young Danish volunteers, but also includes volunteers from Holland, Germany, the US, and other countries from around the world.

All the team members pay their own expenses when participating in the aid work, meaning that all donations made to the organization goes directly to provide the refugees with necessaries and nothing else.

Our volunteers work around the clock to provide humanitarian aid, medical care, and translation services. We can't do this alone - if you would like to donate money or supplies, or are interested in joining us, contact us.

Our Work:

We are dedicated to providing ongoing humanitarian aid, and our operations have continued to evolve as the refugee situation changes.

Lesvos – September 2015 – March 2016

Team Humanity was founded in 2015 to address the urgent needs of the thousands of refugees arriving in Greece via dangerous sea crossings from Turkey.

Established on the island of Lesvos, Team Humanity focused on helping the fragile boats safely make it to shore without hitting rocks or capsizing, and providing emergency aid to the refugees as they landed.

Thanks to strong teamwork between Team Humanity and the other rescue teams on the island, most of the arriving refugees were received in a safe manner. Our operations on Lesvos included:

  • Independent rescue team which was equipped with a boat and lifeguard facilities.
  • Rescued incoming boats of refugees.
  • Transported refugees from the coast to Moria Camp.
  • Distributed blankets, clothes, water and food upon arrival.
  • Aided refugees in purchasing ferry tickets, translation of paperwork, and processing requests.
  • Worked closely with fellow rescue organizations like Proem-aid.

Idomeni – March 2016 - May 2016

Following the March negotiations between the EU and Turkey to stem the flow of refugees across the Aegean Sea to Lesvos, Team Humanity relocated to the Idomeni Refugee Camp in northern Greece, an unofficial camp that quickly grew to over 10,000 refugees following the closure of the Macedonian border. Our operations in Idomeni included:

  • Operation as the NGO responsible for Area D of the Idomeni camp
  • Routine distribution of food and hygiene packs, which were distributed alongside pots/pans, lamps (including digging street lamps to enable movement through the camp during the night), and blankets.
  • When necessary we also provide tents (we liaise with MSF often for this), raincoats, shoes (including wellies), clothes and raincoats.
  • Welcomed new arrivals to the camp and helped connect them with needed resources
  • Worked as translators and interpreters for the refugees.
  • Constructed a medical tent for a general practice clinic with a waiting area, consultation area, and storage area for medications and equipment
  • Arranged for multi-lingual doctors to work from 2pm – 8pm, while having at least one doctor who spoke Arabic/Farsi present at all times
  • In exceptional circumstances, arrangement and funding of emergency medical surgeries for individual refugees who we have come across during our customary work

Oreokastro, Thessaloniki - May 2016 - Present

In late May 2016, the Greek government closed Idomeni and relocated all refugees to a series of government camps located in the vicinity of Thessaloniki. Team Humanity has shifted our operations to the Oreokastro camp, and are working to establish medical and humanitarian services within the new facilities.

Our work: